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An invitation to be initiated into a mysterious secret society. Enter their chamber of trials, where colorful marked walls, cryptic clues, and puzzling objects surround you. Solve their puzzles and you just might join their ranks. Otherwise... face an explosive end! Tickets are $28 + HST per person.

Only 15% have escaped. Can you outfox the fox?

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You are trapped in a mysterious laboratory, where it has been said they study time travel. The door is locked. Hidden clues await you. If you cannot find the key to open the door, you will drop into spatial temporal distortion and you may not be able to return to this world again. Tickets are $28 + HST per person.

Only 6% of players have escaped. Will you be able to escape the Time Travel Lab?

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Escape from the Time Travel Lab & Trial of the Mad Fox Society

Real Escape Game
76 Stafford St.
(Stafford & Adelaide)

About Us

You will actually be trapped in a room. Everything may seem normal at first, but on closer inspection you find a series of mysterious codes and puzzles that must be solved within the hour, in order to find a hidden key and escape.

Today, over 10,000,000 participants have played this game in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States. Only 3% of participants have made their way out.

So much fun! Definitely the best escape room game I've played in Toronto. Both rooms were incredible.

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Team Building

Real Escape Game introduces a new entertainment experience, where the right measure of wit, persistence and teamwork win the game. What better way to get to know your colleagues than to get locked up for an hour?!

Tried this tonight with a group of friends. Had no previous experience of games like this and had a blast. Can't recommend highly enough.

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Contact Us

Check out our FAQ & Contact section to get answers about game times, things to keep in mind, tips, and generally how to get in touch. You might find answers quicker than you think.

For private bookings or other general inquiries, its easiest to e-mail us at team@secretcityadventures.com or leave us a message on our voice mail at 647-243-7658

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Escape games is an emerging form of live game experiences. Curious what all the fuss is about? Get in touch at press@secretcityadventures.com