Real Escape Game (REG) is a live, puzzle-oriented entertainment event. It is unlike an escape room in that there are many teams all sharing one big event space. Work with your teammates to explore the area, find hidden clues and solve puzzles. You have only 60 minutes to find the final answer and escape from the story’s situation, not a physical room.

This game is a rare chance to enter a world inspired by The Legend of Zelda video game series. You will find yourself transported to the land of Hyrule, where the Triforce has fallen into evil hands. You must form a team and stop darkness from taking over the realm!

May 10 – May 14

Location Coming Soon

Montreal – English
Jun 8 – Jun 11

Location Coming Soon

Montreal – Francais
Jun 14 – Jun 16

Location Coming Soon

Jul 5 – Jul 9

Location Coming Soon


Early Bird tickets will go on sale starting March 21st, ending March 31st.

Early Bird General – $45
Early Bird Silver – $57
Early Bird Gold – $67

General Admission – $50
Collector’s Edition: Silver – $62
Collector’s Edition: Gold – $72

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Game Admission for One
Premium Poster


Game Admission for One
Premium Poster & Premium Coin

People of all ages and skill sets are welcome, especially those who enjoy puzzles. Real Escape Games are both an immersive experience and a great mental challenge. More than 2,000,000 participants have played around the world, and now it’s your turn!

Even if you run out of time, that’s okay – we reveal the solution at the end of each game. This means that each game can only be played once, so don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance!

SCRAP Entertainment Inc brings unique live entertainment to North America. The games revive player’s childlike desire for adventure through a new kind of experience. The blend of newness and nostalgia has a universal appeal, inspiring participants around the world to immerse themselves in different worlds, and bring a renewed sense of wonder to their own daily lives. In 2007, Real Escape Game premiered in Kyoto and presently has held games throughout Japan, China, Singapore, France, Spain, Canada, and the United States. Since the launch of the first game of genre in San Francisco, SCRAP thrives to innovate this new entertainment. Real Escape Game is ranked as the best Escape Room in the United States in 2016.

Secret City Adventures has a mission to design, develop and deliver experiences that promote more curiosity in the world. We brought Real Escape Game to Canada for the first time in 2014, selling out games for over a year. Secret City Adventures is a pioneer in theatrical escape games and immersive experiences. The team of creative writers, directors, and experience designers continue to push the boundaries of storytelling.